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BITARK (BARK Exchange) has ignited a reimagination of securities as we know it.



The BITARK community is an important part of the BA Foundation. Since its inception in 2017, it has been committed to the development of blockchain basic technologies and the popularization of blockchain concepts. Thanks to people from all walks of life for their help and support. After more than a year of development, BK trading technology has been perfected, but the market changes, can not be deployed and developed as scheduled, the BA Foundation is deeply sorry.   >> more


BITARK社区是BA基金会的重要组成部分,自从2017年成立以来,一直致力于区块链基础技术的研发,以及 区块链理念的普及。 感谢各界人士给予我们的帮助与支持。经历一年多的发展,BK交易技术已经趋于完善,但市场变化,不能如期部署与发展,对此BA基金会深感抱歉。 >> 更多